Associate and Assistant Professor (Chestnut Hill College):

PSCI118: Mass Media and Politics (Fall20, Fall19, Fall17, Fall15)

PSCI212: American State and Local Government (Spring 22, Spring20, Spring18, Spring16)

PSCI218: Race and the American Political System (Spring21, Spring19, Spring17)

PSCI281: Special Topics in Political Science: Cities and the Environment (Fall21)

PSCI315: Politics of the American Presidency (Fall20, Fall18, Fall16)

PSCI498: Senior Seminar in Political Science (Spring 22, Spring21, Spring 20, Spring 19)

GLST201: Globalization and the Transformation of Cities (Spring 22, Fall21, Spring21, Spring 20, Fall/Spring19, Fall/Spring18, Fall/Spring17, Fall/Spring 16, Fall/Spring15)

Adjunct Professor: 

GPS6114: Community Development and Planning (Delaware Valley University, Graduate Course) (Summer15)

POL101: American Government and Politics (Rowan College at Burlington County) (Summer15, Spring15, Fall14)

GUS1175: Special Topics: Philadelphia Politics and Public Policy (Temple University) (Spring15)

GUS0861: Urban Dynamics (Temple University) (Fall14)

POL101: Introduction to Political Science (Camden County College) (Spring14, Fall13)

Teaching Assistant (Temple University):

Between the years 2008 – 2013, I served as the teaching assistant to former Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street. I am credited in co-creating the following courses eventually added to the permanent course offering in the College of Liberal Arts:

PS2140: Local Government and Community Advocacy

PS4140: Seminar in Urban Politics

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