I thank my father for my introduction to the foundation for hip-hop culture, the colossal framework embedded within jazz, soul, funk, gospel, rock, and punk. Its sound has given me purpose and has been an outlet for honest self-expression. For more, check out this conversation on the role of music in my life on Dr. Bruce Campbell Jr.’s Dust + Dignity Podcast

I share this joy with others through various projects that have included production for albums and film, curation of art events and DJ nights, and university lectures. In 2014, my students and I were recognized by the Philadelphia Youth Network, City of Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office and the City Council for the creation and implementation of a youth program model utilizing hip-hop as a foundation for information technology (iT) learning. I am especially indebted to my creative partner-in-rhyme, Jamil Gaines (SKS), who has been by my side through this wonderful exploration of empowerment.


Most recently, I was affored the privilege of building the Beatlab – Philadelphia’s first hip-hop centric digital music studio dedicated to crafting messages os social justice (located at Chestnut Hill College). The Beatlab’s first collective project, Mics Ain’t Free, was a 9 track 26 minute piece of youthful honesty and political expression. The experience was recently documented in the Journal of Political Science Education.  


Here are a few recent productions.

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