Jeffrey N. Carroll, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Political Science at Chestnut Hill College (Philadelphia, PA) and Chair of the Center for Data & Society (D&S), a faculty collaboration among the computer, mathematical, and social sciences whose mission is to investigate how data and information can be best used to understand the communities in which we live. D&S’s programs are comprised of 9 distinct major programs and 13 minor programs that include the Minor in Data Studies for Social Good (DSSG). Jeffrey was recently appointed to a three year term as the First Vice President of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association.

Jeffrey’s scholarly interests lie in American Politics with special attention to urban affairs, social geography, and civic engagement. He has served as an invited speaker nationally and internationally in events that center on race, political culture, and campaigns and elections. His work has been published in Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, Commonwealth: Journal of Pennsylvania Politics and Policy, Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, Pennsylvania Geographer, and Journal of Political Science Education. Standing research projects delve into the political geography of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania’s voters, state and local public policy, racial politics, and an empirical investigation of the idea of “American Exceptionalism” with his long-time collaborator, Dr. David Contosta. Jeffrey’s scholarship has been featured in media outlets such as The New York Times and Newsweek.

Other recent public facing activities include “Beatlab” (Philadelphia’s first hip-hop centric music studio that fosters messages of social justice), a student-centric public affairs podcast, and numerous initiatives that seek to bolster civic understanding and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Jeffrey is also co-founder of Urbicus LLC, a Philadelphia based non-partisan government relations firm that specializes in research, public relations, training for current and aspiring elected officials and helping communities navigate local government. As an Urbicus partner, Jeffrey played a key role in political campaigns for a number of state and local offices including: PA House and Senate, Philadelphia City Council, Court of Common Pleas, and City Commissioner.